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Feeding of dry materials 
... Micro feeders... Gravimetric & volumetric feeders ... Scatterers... Multi heads feeders..
Automation equipments
... Indexing tables ... NC Rings ... Rotary unions...
Fine dosing
Rotary unions

Indexing tables - rotary rings - handlers Micro- feeders and powder scatterers Multi-passage rotary unions


 MCPI is an innovative company in manufacturing equipment for:

Automation & robotics - Our range of products includes:

  • Cams and pneumatic indexing tables
  • CN rings,
  • Cams and pneumatic handlers
  • Oscillating conveyors
  • Multi-passages rotary unions

► Food, pharmaceutical and processing industries - Our range of products includes:

  • Highly accurate micro feeders 
  • Loss in weight feeders
  • Multi-heads feeders
  • Powder scatterers
  • Weighed rotating bowls

MCPI Fine dosing products are based on a exclusive and patented principle.

We hope your visit on this web site will be fruitful and interesting.  We would be pleased if  you contact us for further information.


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Your processing requires stable and reliable equipments.

MCPI is more than a supplier of innovative systems. We are committed  to design and develop with our customers the optimal technical solutions, thanks to our experience and our pilot facilities.

CFIA 2020 Sept 29/30 and Oct 1 . Come to visit us
CFIA 2020 Sept 29/30 and Oct 1 . Come to visit us


CFIA 2020 -29 et 30 Septembre et 1 Octobre à Rennes

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